Accessories Application - NC series

We believe professional sewing skills could also benefit from various accessories application. Here are the different presser feet to serve our customers for most useful and easy way to accomplish the sewing works. 

Accessories Application - Necchi models NC-102D, NC-103D, NC-204D


1. One-Step Buttonhole Sewing
NC-102D & NC-103D

2. Electronic Buttonhole Foot

3. Button Sewing

4. Invisible Zipper Foot

5. Zipper Foot

6. Satin Stitch Foot

7. Overcasting Foot

8. Blind Hem Foot


9. Cording Foot NC-103D, NC-204D


10. Gathering Foot 

11. Darning / Embroidering Foot
       NC-103D, NC-204D

12. Walking Foot NC-204D



13. Edge / Quilting Foot


14. Twin Needle NC-103D

15. Twin Needle NC-204D


16. Extension Table