• ? My machine is getting jammed
    1. The threaad is caught in the hook
    A: Remove the upper thread and bobbin, gently turn the hand-wheel backwards and forwards by hand and remove the thread remnants.


  • ? Machine is making abnormal noises

    1. The machine may need to be lubricated
    A: Take machine to your dealer for a proper service
    2. Too much thread waste was gained inside bobbin case
    A: Clean out the waste inside bobbin case
    3. Too many dusts in feed dog area
    A: Clear dusts in feed dog area

  • ? The fabric wrinkles after sewing
    1. Upper tension was set too strong
    A: Adjust upper tension dial to reduce it.
    2. Upper or lower thread was not properly set and that caused thread can’t be pulled out smoothly.
    A: Check the sewing machine manual and follow the correct installation method for upper and lower thread.
    3. The fabric may be too thin or slippy and the sewing stitch density is set too loose while sewing
    A: Re-set a correct sewing stitch density to improve sewing quality.
    4. If the fabric is too thin, presser foot may not hold the fabric tightly
    A: Please add a lining or stabilizer under the fabric for support.


  • ? Sewing stitch is not well locked

    1. The upper thread may not be correctly threaded
    A: Check the sewing manual for correct threading method.
    2. The lower thread within the bobbin case was not properly set
    A: Please check the manual or instruction printer beside for correct method.
    3. Needle/fabric/thread may not fit well against each other
    A: Check your fabric type and select the correct needle size or thread for sewing.
    4. Thread tension was not set properly.
    A: Re-adjust the thread tension to find a proper value for sewing.
  • ? My needle is broken
    1. The needle is being damaged in advance.
    A: Please change and insert a new needle.
    2. The needle is not correctly set.
    A: Please check the manual and re-install the needle correctly (flat part of the shank must be set in the rear side direction)
    3. The needle size was wrong for the fabric
    A: Choose a correct needle to fit the fabric and the thread.
    4. The wrong presser foot is chosen for sewing stitch.
    A: Please check the manual and select the correct foot for sewing stitch.