Sewing Setting - NC Series

We provide professional sewing skills to serve our customers with most useful and easy way to accomplish their various sewing works. We are convinced that only by perfecting these basic sewing ability can we bring the most satisfying results for sewing machine development and for customers in every need.

Sewing Setting - NC Series of model NC-102D, NC-103D, NC-204D



1. Winding Bobbin  

2. Inserting Bobbin
3. Threading the Upper Thread and Auto Needle Threader

4. Adjust Presser Foot Pressure 

5. Select Pattern NC-102D

6. Select Pattern NC-103D
7. Select Pattern NC-204D 

8. Memory Program NC-102D

9. Memory Program NC-103D

10. Memory Program NC-204D 
11. Adjust Upper Thread Tension  

12. Adjust Stitch Width,LengthNC-102D

13. Adjust Stitch Width, Length, Mirror, Twin Needle NC-103D

14. Adjust Stitch Width,Length,Twin Neddle, Mirror,Elongation NC-204D 
15. Adjust Drop Feed