Artist Toolkit - C2000

Artist Toolkit 

Artist Toolkit is an easy to use but multi-function embroidery software. It works on both Windows and MAC OS

Creator Series of model-C2000


1. Curve text  
2. Filling the stitches for letters
3. Set up Monogram Text
4. Change the background fabric information

5. Import built in embroidery patterns

6. Set the color for embroidery patterns
7. Embroidery sewing simulation

8. Set the stitch order for embroidery patterns

9. Convert object and edit points
10. Build User Thread
11. Set the color for vector patterns
12. Filling the stitches for drawing shapes
13. Open Closed curve
14. Applique
15. Pressure sensitivity
16. Underlay Shape
17. Underlay Text
18. Photo stitch - Cross Stitch
19. Photo stitch - Overlap Stain Stitch
20. Photo stitch - Random Stitch