Sewing Setting - C2000

We provide professional sewing skills to serve our customers with most useful and easy way to accomplish their various sewing works. We are convinced that only by perfecting these basic sewing ability can we bring the most satisfying results for sewing machine development and for customers in every need.

Sewing Setting - Creator Series of model-C2000


1. Starting to sew  
2. Winding the bobbin
3. Threading the upper thread
4. Changing the presser foot

5. Replacing the needle

6. Replacing the needle plate
7. Adjusting the upper thread tension

8. Attaching the knee lifter of the Free Hand System

9. Foot controller  
10. Wifi setting
11. Combining stitch patterns
12. Stitch Designer
13. Electronic buttonhole stitch  
14. Button sewing
15. Prepare for embroidery
16. Embroidering
17. Cleaning the hook
18. Artist Tool APP Function
19. Artist Tool APP- Drawing
20. Artist Tool APP Function - Applique


21. Artist Tool APP Function - Photo Stitch
22. Fringe Embroidery
23. Brushed Embroidery
24. Appliqué

25. Freestanding Organza
26. Freestanding Lace
27. Freestanding Lace Ornaments
28. 3D Puff Embroidery